We provide strategic capital markets advice and customized investor relations services to small cap TMT compaNies. 

Investor Relations

"New Set of Skills Sought for Investor Relations - More companies are turning to Wall Street analysts and other seasoned financial hands."  Wall Street Journal 2/29/16

twenty+ years of wall street experience

We offer a unique combination of buy-side and sell-side experience, knowledge and perspective to accurately position your company within the investment community and enhance Street visibility to target the right sell-side partners and long-term investors.

  • Define key investment themes, growth story, and consistent corporate message
  • Refine model and develop guidance policies/procedures
  • Identify, introduce and evaluate potential investment bankers and sell-side research analysts
  • Conduct Organizational Meeting; File with SEC
  • Schedule and conduct research analyst meetings; Evaluate analyst models and valuations
  • Conduct “Test-the-Waters” meetings and collect feedback
  • Create presentation; Manage roadshow schedule; Prep management
  • Target long-term shareholders; Develop, prepare and drive investor interaction
  • Assist with pricing and allocation

Capital Markets Services

  • Identify and communicate growth story and corporate message/positioning
  • Refine model; Evaluate/track Street estimates and valuation methodologies 
  • Review/edit investor presentation
  • Develop sell-side strategy; Manage sell-side expectations and relationships; Drive analyst interaction; Cultivate new research coverage
  • Develop buy-side strategy; Engage investors; Regular review of investor base and perception; Target new investors
  • Customize earnings policies/procedures/templates
  • Prepare earnings calls/releases; Prep management; Set guidance metrics
  • Advise on insider sale transactions, stock buyback strategies, shareholder transition strategies, follow-on deals, activist shareholder strategies

IPO advisory

we focus on SMALL CAP TMT companies

We will leverage our deep research and investment knowledge of the TMT space to help you identify key investment themes, build a "Street" facing model, develop credible guidance metrics, stress test guidance, and perform valuation and comparative analysis to ensure you get the right valuation.

we offer senior-level focus on all aspects of advisory service

We strictly limit the number of clients we take on to offer superior service and senior-level attention at all times.